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Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon

Discover the perfect blend of eco-friendliness and practicality with our Disposable 16cm Wooden Spoons. Crafted with care from sustainably sourced birchwood, these spoons offer a delightful solution for your culinary and environmental needs.

Key Features:

Eco-Friendly: We care about the environment as much as you do. Our disposable wooden spoons are made from renewable birchwood, making them a guilt-free choice that minimizes your carbon footprint.

Convenient Size: Measuring at 16cm (6.3 inches), these spoons are the ideal companion for various occasions. Whether you're stirring your morning coffee, enjoying a bowl of ice cream, or hosting a party, our spoons are the perfect fit.

Smooth and Sturdy: Crafted with precision, our wooden spoons boast a smooth finish that's gentle on your lips and hands. Their sturdy design ensures they won't snap or break, offering a reliable utensil for all your culinary adventures.

Versatile: From hot soups to frozen desserts, our disposable wooden spoons are up for any task. Their wooden composition prevents the transfer of heat, making them suitable for both cold and hot dishes.

No Cleanup Hassle: Say goodbye to post-meal cleanup stress. After use, simply dispose of the spoons guilt-free, knowing they will naturally degrade over time without harming the environment.

Charming Aesthetic: Add a touch of rustic charm to your dining experience. The natural wood grain and earthy tones of our spoons will complement any table setting or event decor.

Bulk Options: Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a grand event, we offer these wooden spoons in convenient bulk quantities to cater to your needs.

Embrace the convenience of disposable utensils without compromising on sustainability. Our Disposable 16cm Wooden Spoons are designed to make your life easier while contributing positively to the planet. Join us in making conscious choices, one spoonful at a time.

Note: While these spoons are disposable, they are not meant for single-use only. With proper care, they can be reused for a variety of tasks.

Make the switch today and experience the joy of functional and eco-friendly utensils. Order your pack of Disposable 16cm Wooden Spoons now!

  • Tech Specs

    Wooden Spoon 16cm
    Packed: 50x100pcs

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