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Wet Floor Sign

Wet Floor Sign

This easy to use wet floor sign is a great alternative to our wet floor sign cone. It folds flat for easy storage and also features a neat carry handle making it easy to pick up and move. With the modern “where there is blame” culture, this sign is perfect for quickly warning visitors and staff that the floor is wet, and there may be an increased risk of slipping.

These signs are often deployed by cleaners whilst carrying out cleaning duties to help prevent slips trips and falls. Some other common applications of this wet floor sign include using them when it is raining at shop entrances, where rainwater gets trodden in leaving the floor slippery.

Key Features

  • Durable - Made from hard-wearing plastic.
  • Easy To Store - Folds flat to take up very little space.
  • Easy To Carry - Features a grab handle at the top.
  • High Visibility - A Vibrant bright yellow plastic makes this sign easy to spot.
  • Stable - Once deployed the sign is hard to knock over.
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