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Skin Renew Spirit

Skin Renew Spirit

Skin Renew Spirit
- Magic molecules for the perfect complexion -

The base molecule for a perfect skin!
Native collagen spray from micro-smallest collagen molecules - a natural scientific formulation for face, neck and décolleté.
Only an intact skin metabolism guarantees healthy, youthfully fresh skin into old age.
Skin Renew Spirit, the daily 6-point round subscription for an optimal skin appearance.

  • Skin Renew Spirit cultivates the skin membrane.
  • Skin Renew Spirit regenerates and repairs the skin.
  • Skin Renew Spirit normalizes a healthy pH value.
  • Skin Renew Spirit activates a healthy functional spectrum. Already after 3 min. you feel an immediate skin calming. The skin is smoothed and the Turgor tightened. Lines and wrinkles are immediately refined. Scaly and rough skin is noticeably smoothed.
  • Skin Renew Spirit is the immediate cosmetic aid after intensive cosmetic and medical skin applications.
  • Skin Renew Spirit lowers the transepidermal moisture loss of the skin (TEWL).

Skin Renew Spirit has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.
It is not perfumed and free of parabens, mineral oils, silicones and colorants.
Areas of application:
Mature skin, beginning skin aging, dry skin, scaly skin, cracked skin, skin prone to itching and irritation, sensitive skin, loss of moisture, disturbed skin barrier, age wrinkles, wrinkles, after intensive skin treatments.

Shake well before use, close eyes and spray directly onto cleansed face, neck and/or décolleté.
Then massage in gently until completely absorbed.

Skin Renew Spirit must be applied for 3 minutes before continuing with the treatment.
For optimal results, use 2x daily (morning and evening).
As a special freshness kick also gladly times in between.
For the face you need 3 pump strokes, one on the forehead and one each on the cheeks.
For neck and décolleté you also need 3 pump strokes, one on the neck and one each above the chest.

Active ingredients:
Native collagen molecules, radish root ferment, panthenol, saccharide isomerate.With a 1x daily application on the face, the content lasts 4 months.

  • With a 1x application for face, neck and décolleté 2 months.
  • With a 2x daily application on the face lasts 2 months.
  • With a 2x daily application for face, neck and décolleté 1 month.
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