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Piping Bags

Piping Bags

  • Thick Piping Bags: Did your previous piping bag leak? Are you afraid to squeeze? Not now. Made of durable, anti-burst, non-slip and food-grade plastic that is flexible, strong, reliable and thick enough to bear the pressure of squeezing and frosting without any burst or leakage
  • Work with and without Any Tip or Coupler: Just cut the narrow end of the piping bag according to the size of the coupler or tip. These pastry bags offer a good fit with all sizes of coupler and tips, giving you the freedom to create flowers, stars, and unique patterns on cake whether you use tips or not
  • Efficient Grip: Do you struggle to hold the icing bag? No matter how much you squeeze, Riccle’s Icing piping bags have a smooth exterior that gives you a firm, a workable grip that does not slip off your hands and a super smooth interior that let icing flow freely and smoothly
  • Disposable Piping Bags: Cut the end of the bag, insert the desired decorating tip, fill, squeeze and that’s all. Unlike reusable piping bags, no messy cleaning up is required. Just toss it when done using
  • Cakes and beyond: These cake decorating bags are perfect for projects that require multiple colours with a small quantity. Use for cake icing, cupcakes, pastries, cookies decor, thick buttercream frosting, chocolate garnishing, macaron and to add finer detail to your dessert and much more
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