Nitrile Gloves
  • Nitrile Gloves

    The nitrile glove Power Grip is a glove made of extra strong material. It offers protection against chemicals and is ideal for the food industry as well as the industrial sector. Due to the anti-slip structure on both sides, it has an excellent grip. The embossing on the inside ensures that the glove does not slip during use.


    The advantages of the nitrile glove Power Grip at a glance:

    • Oil & Grease Resistant: Food Safe, thus ideal for the food industry
    • Excellent Grip : A double sided anti slip structure allows best grip on both sides.
    • Comfortable: The embossing on the inside prevents the glove from slipping.
    • Powder-free: Protection
    • Elastic: Nitrile is more tear-resistant than latex, both in dry and wet conditions.
    • Chemical resistant: Protects against many chemicals and solvents.


    Functional range

    for automotive industry, assembly and food processing