Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves

The glove GRIP powder-free is made of firm latex quality. He has rolled edges, which catches the flowing drops. The glove GRIP is very tear-resistant, extremely elastic and very resistant. He sits like a second skin. In addition, the textured surface provides an excellent sense of touch and outstanding grip. These properties make the GRIP particularly suitable for laboratories, cosmetics, pharmacy, food processing and care.


The benefits of the latex glove "Grip":

  • Excellent grip: Thanks to the textured surface
  • Very resistant: Extremely elastic and tear-resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals: Protection against solvents and chemicals, considered as PSA
  • For precise work: Thanks to an excellent sense of touch
  • Powder-free: No contamination of food
  • With rolled edges: Catches draining drops


Functional range

for food industry, gastronomy, hospitals, laboratoy and industry