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Ivory Whitening

Ivory Whitening

Ivory Whitening is a special skin lightening cream, with immediate softening effect.
It is an effective and safe way to a lighter color skin. Ivory Whitening minimizes age spots and hyper-pigmentations with triple active components.
 - Retards tyrosinase function (reduces melanin formation)
 - Immediate softening effect (skin appears opal mat)
 - Slows down the process of Melanogenese (skin appears lighter)
 - Can be applied permanently
Please note that Ivory Whitening does not contain any UV filter!

How to apply:
Apply Ivory Whitening daily in the morning and evening on cleansed skin. Ivory Whitening can be use in combination with our other creams when required. In this case, always apply the standard cream first, after a residence time of at least 5 minutes, apply Ivory Whitening over it.
Areas of Application:
-  Colored skin, Asian, African and South European origins
-   Age spot
-   Chloasma
-   Light colored skin with uneven skin ton.
-   Pigmented scar.

Reommended products to compliment Ivory Whitening: Mela Light, Pure Silk Power, Cake Make-up

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