Heat Glove
  • Heat Glove

    The FLAMESTAR Heat Protection Glove is made of Pyrostar, a special material made of non-flammable asbestos-free material. The inside is lined with pure cotton. The heat-resistant material is durable and lasts many times longer than cotton. So the glove keeps temperatures up to 250 ° C. The Flamestar is wipeable and has a good fit. It's great for grilling, baking, roasting and cooking.

    Flamestar features at a glance:

    • Heat resistant: up to 250 ° C
    • Special material: non-flammable, asbestos-free Pyrostar
    • Lining: made of 100% cotton
    • Robust material: Wipes off and is more durable than cotton
    • Long cuff: Protection of the hand and forearm

    Functional range

    suitable for barbecue, baking, roast, cooking