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Flat Mop

Flat Mop

  • Cleaning Pros Know Our Microfiber Mop System Gets Floors Cleaner! There's no more effective and efficient way to clean hard surface floors than with this mop. Gone are the days of lugging a mop bucket, wringer and a heavy, ineffective conventional mop from house to house or job to job. Just grab this microfiber flat mop system then dust mop and wet mop your way to professional results!
  • Best mop kit for hardwood, laminate, stone, tile and concrete flooring. The microfiber picks up and holds dirt leaving all hard surface flooring sparkling and streak free. Use the dust mop pad to collect pet hair and larger debris, then the wet mop pad to get a deeper clean.
  • Perfect for residential cleaning. It's large enough to still be efficient in open spaces, but small enough to be maneuvered around furniture.
  • You won't find a better mop kit at a better price. Detailed use and care instructions included. Start cleaning like a pro, order yours today!
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