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Aluminum Containers

Aluminum Containers

Our Aluminum Containers are perfect for all your baking needs! Made of high-quality disposable aluminum foil, these containers are durable and easy to use. They are a great option for baking and storing your favorite dishes, from casseroles to desserts. Plus, their sleek design makes them great for serving as well. Choose our Aluminum Containers for all your cooking and baking needs.

  • Sizing

    110G : 15cm x 12.5cm x 4.4cm

    112G : 20.7cm x 13.9cm x 2.8cm

    145G : 20.4cm x 13.7cm x 4.8cm

    111G : 22.6cm x 17.6cm x 3.6cm

    205G : 24cm x 18cm x 4.2cm

    117G : 26.8cm x 21cm x 5cm

    149G : 31.5cm x 21.4cm x 4.3cm

    132G : 32cm x 26cm x 5.3cm

    210G : 39.9cm x 33.5cm x 5cm

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